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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Day of Gardening with our 3rd Graders

            Today was a productive and cheerful day at the Lakewood garden. Manuela, Kaycie, and I arrived at the garden this morning and ran into Jonathan who was working on watering the beds. I noticed the squash plants in three of the beds were very sickly. We investigated and found that they had been infected by tons of melon worms! We decided to pull the dying squash out of the beds with the students. We set up a station with gloves to pull out the spiky stemmed squash, seeds to sow in the beds that we clear, and watering cans to water these beds. 

                The students did a wonderful job at helping us pull out the squash. We found many little squash, which we allowed them to take home. Some students got a bit too excited and picked other vegetables that weren't ready to be harvested. Donavon pulled off a tomato that was not yet ripe. 
Fried green tomatoes then!

               My group sowed radish seeds in one of the beds. The students are excited to come back and see if their seeds have sprouted next week.

P.S I was excited to see that the okra we transplanted last week made it! Okra is definitely going on my hardy plants list!

-Lilian Gonzalez

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