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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peaceful day in the Garden

Today was a quiet and peaceful day at the Lakewood garden. I was excited to see that irrigation had been set up in all of the beds. Very cool! I had planned to water the beds, but saw this was no longer necessary. Thanks to the new irrigation system the beds are going to be looking much tidier, since we will be able to spend more time weeding.

I noticed that the radishes the students planted last week have sprouted. They will be excited to see their plants growing when they come out to the garden.
Baby Radishes

The tomatoes are starting to ripen. The squash and the okra are flowering. All the lettuces are full grown.
Ripening Tomato. Our leaves may not change
colors in the fall but at least our tomatoes do!

I spotted a small metallic green bee collecting pollen from the mustard greens' flowers. She was very entertaining to watch as she pressed pollen into her pollen sacks.
Augochlora sweat bee. A native bee collecting pollen from the mustard greens.

Besides the bee, I saw many lady bugs on the leaves of our veggies, and butterflies fluttering around in the pollinator garden. Although classes did not come out today, I had a good time tending to the plants.

-Lilian Gonzalez

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