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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week 1...

Hello! Thanks for visiting the blog for The Edible Schoolyard project. Currently this project is being done as a Winter Term project for Eckerd College. At the end of January it will transition to being an independent study for the spring semester. It currently involves a group of 14 Eckerd undergrads and Professor Kip Curtis, Environmental Studies professor at Eckerd.

We have just completed our first week of work on the garden. This involved plotting out where the raised beds would go, removing the turf under the locations where we would placing our beds, cutting and constructing the raised bed structures out of 2x10s, and setting them in place.  We also dug a pretty heathy marigold trench, where 111 marigolds will be planted next Wednesday.  Production is going pretty smoothly so far, and by Monday we should have soil, compost and manure to mix together and place in the beds. After the soil is in place we'll be ready to bring the elementary school students into the project, which is very exciting since they are the reason for the whole project. Everyone is very excited right now and eager to get started in the planting process with the kids. We are already able to see progress in our work and this will only get more exciting once the garden has been constructed and we start to see crops growing!

This is where we ended today.  All of the boxes are assembled and placed.  The oblique boxes on the left need a few adjustments, the rectangular ones on the right are ready for soil.  Two piles in the near ground.  The closest is the beginning of our compost pile.  We'll fence it in soon.  Behind it is a pile of concrete rubble found under the turf.  Probably pieces of the former school.  We're going to use them in the herb garden somehow.

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