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Monday, January 12, 2009

Greenhouse, Manure, and Soil...oh my!

Today was a certainly a day for deliveries. As one group of people left with the truck to pick up a (free) greenhouse, the rest stayed back and put some finishing touches on the bed frames. When the greenhouse arrived, another group of people left to pick up a truckload of manure. The manure was donated and will really help enrich the soil, so we're grateful for that. We spread the manure around so each bed has about 2-3 inches of manure at the bottom. This will help the roots pick up the nutrients from the soil once we get them planted. At the end of the day some people left in the truck to get the soil, so we will have that to start with tomorrow morning. We were hoping to have the soil this morning, but we're prepared for minor setbacks and our schedule is flexible, so all is well. And hey, we got a free greenhouse.

We also had some mushroom compost, rakes, hand trowels, a hoe, a wheelbarrow, and more wood delivered today! It was quite an exciting day for acquiring supplies, that's for sure.

We were also able to get the herb garden and butterfly garden started today. We dug the sod up around the area where it will be so we'll build a frame for that soon and get it in place. The butterfly garden will be surrounded by stones instead of being a raised bed and it will include a butterfly bush and a crepe myrtle tree.

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