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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Greenhouse construction and mulch

We added a couple pretty big things to the garden today. A few people worked on constructing the greenhouse, which took most of the day but is up now and looks pretty good.

While they did that, other people were busy going back and forth picking up truckloads of mulch and spreading it out around the beds for the walkways. This really makes the garden look so much fuller and more complete.

The marigold trench was also finished today, and we made holes around the perimeter for sunflowers. The marigolds and sunflowers will form a nice natural boundary for the garden, in addition to attracting bees and keeping rabbits away from the crops. Some people started planning out the beds to figure out what plants will go where. They came up with a plan that will combine the right plants to make the most of the space in the beds, utilizing both square foot gardening and row gardening.

Two members from the group did a special video introduction about the garden that will be shown to the school as part of the morning announcements. This will hopefully make the students aware of what is going on in their schoolyard before they actually get the chance to come out and take part in it for themselves.

In other news... Lakewood Elementary School highlighted the project on their homepage. You can see it on their website here.

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