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Thursday, January 15, 2009

First day with the kids

Everyone agreed that today was a really great day, and the reason being that we finally got to work with the kids. We've been working so hard this whole time trying to get everything ready and planned out perfectly, it brought us all so much joy and relief to finally work with the very people we have been doing it all for. This project has always been an incredible idea in theory, but today I think we all got to see first-hand what an invaluable experience this will be for these children.

We were able to plant the entire perimeter of the garden with marigolds and sunflowers today. It makes it look so much better to actually have some plants in place. We also got the crepe myrtles today and put them in the ground. Thank you, Gateway Organic Farm for donating them!

Tomorrow we will be cleaning up a bit and doing some intense planning of what crops will go where.

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