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Friday, January 23, 2009

Last day of winter term

Today was the final day for the winter term portion of the project, and it was a great day working with the kids. First we met with the usual group of fifth graders and planted carrots, lettuce, and cauliflower and got all the watering done. Our organization was evident today. All of the kids were involved and interested and everything moved very smoothly. The teachers are growing more and more impressed with the job we are doing and we've been receiving a lot of thanks and appreciation from the faculty of the school.

As the fifth graders left, a group of preschoolers wearing tiny gardening gloves came in. The preschool teacher had requested to come out and show her students the garden, so we were more than happy to have them. They mixed up dirt in the beds with their hands and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them, as I'm sure they enjoyed their time with us in the garden.

We are starting to see a lot more sprouts coming up. The broccoli in the greenhouse is coming up strong, and the sunflowers and wildflowers are sprouting up too. The preliminary stage of this project is now basically complete, and what follows in this coming semester is even more exciting.

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