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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Cold Winter Wind Doesn't Stop Our Shine

lovely Fall weather

Today we did the scientific method with both kindergartners and second graders. Before we headed out to the garden to do our experiments, we first asked the students "what do you ever wonder about while in the garden?" As you can see, many of them had a thought for us.


Lilian and Noah helping the kindergartners write down their thoughts 

They had plenty of questions, such as, why do we NEED to have water for the plants to live? or how are flowers made? Their first steps to becoming great scientists!

 The kindergartners have never done the scientific method before so when it came down to business I decided to measure whatever their favorite flower, plant, or leaf might be. While doing so, they seemed to become more interested in whatever bug or flower they admired for its aesthetics  "The Okra flower is so pretty." one student told me. How could I disagree? Of course I just went with it, and implemented it into our experiment. I measured the Okra flower and whatever else they thought was pretty or interesting (except bugs).

Before questioning 

After questioning

Now came the second graders. Our group decided to make the wonder-wall unique this time.

The Scientific method with the second graders was very successful. Before I measured anything, I first asked the students what their predictions might be. "How wide do you think this leaf is?" I would ask, "2 inches," one student said, "no, I think it is 3 inches." another replied back. The leaf ended up being 2 inches, and the student that answered it right felt like a pure genius. Great job I said, then I encouraged the student to measure a different leaf by them self. I also encouraged the other students to measure a leaf, steam or flower by them self. The kids loved measuring and they loved making predictions. They performed like natural born scientists out here in the garden.

Second Grade

My group of students wanted to take a picture. I told them if they performed well I would. Here's the great group of scientists.


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