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Monday, November 5, 2012

Childhood Innocense

Today was a beautiful day at the Edible Peace Patch at Lakewood Elementary School. Mara, Laura, Michelle and I have been coming to Lakewood every Monday afternoon since September. We have not had the same class of students consecutively due to the switching of schedules, but today we had the same group of kindergartens as last week. We were all excited to work with the students again and continue getting to know them individually. Last week we introduced ourselves, went over the rules of the garden, walked the students around the garden because this was their first time coming out to the Edible Peace Patch, and went over the water cycle. The children were all very enthusiastic, along with their teacher. They were very excited to learn about the garden and they were impressed with the eggplant and other fruits and vegetables growing in the garden. This week the students only came out for about five minutes. Since we did not have much time with them, we cut open a papaya and showed them what was inside. They took turns touching and holding the papaya. We also showed them okra and they each had a taste of it. Lastly, we cut a melon open and they loved sticking their hands in it to take the seeds out. We also had three unexpected first graders come out to the garden for twenty-five minutes. They were rewarded with twenty-five minutes in the garden due to good behavior. They helped us water the plants and pick weeds. They too were very happy to be apart of the garden. We also showed them the vegetables and let them pick an eggplant to take back to their class. Watching the students get so excited about the garden amazes me. The simple task of holding a vegetable makes them so enthusiastic and feels like they are a part of the Edible Peace Patch.

                                        The eggplant we picked with the students. Yumm!

                                    Students holding the papaya. They were so excited to hold it!

Green pepper looks like its ready to be harvested!

                                                        An interesting insect we found.

It blended itself in with the leaf.

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