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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Harvest Time

Unfortunatly I didnt bring my camera today, so I didnt take any pics, so I hope my words will be enough.
Today was cold, very cold, but the sun was shinning bright and me and Lorel were ready to work. Our first class didnt show up, so we devided to turn the compost until the next class come.
They arrived and we divided them in two groups, one to weed and the other to water and while doing the activities we brought up the various lessons we had taught.
Lorel harvested some okras, peppers and radishs with them and they all had a blast eating it and got a bit greedy to harvest more, so they all went crazy all over the garden looking for something to pick.
"Can I pick this..?" "This looks ready.." "I didnt pick anything..", oh kids. The teacher helped us get them organized again and than thanked us for the lesson saying everyone had a really good time.
We did too.

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