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Friday, November 30, 2012

Bountiful Plants!

Today at the Lakewood garden, Lillian and I went for our after noon shift. Lillian watered the plants while I planted some more pineapples.

Here's a picture of the pineapples I've planted over the past year at Lakewood; some of them are getting pretty big.

The carrots are certainly getting bigger, but it appears they need a little more time to grow.

 This is a cluster of ripe yellow beans, ripe and ready for harvest. We were snacking of some of these tasty, slightly sweet treats.

This is a close up of one cluster of tomatillos. They should be ready for harvest soon. They may closely resemble an oversized cocoon, but there’s actually fruit inside these.

Look at that squash! It’s growing so wildly it’s practically touching the pineapple patch/butterfly garden.

The biggest and perhaps the healthiest plant in the garden: the Papaya tree. Planted where the compost used to be, it rocked up to be over 7 feet tall!

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