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Friday, April 6, 2012

Pollination Sensation

It was a beautiful morning at Lakewood Elementary. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze. The rain from earlier in the week was beneficial for the plants.  Many things are growing!

This is a baby green pepper.

There are a lot of eggplants growing too!

We began our shift with various maintenance work. Brian did a great job watering the plants and Olivia worked on shoveling the dirt pile.

I focused on transplanting the tomato plants that have volunteered in the okra bed to an empty bed. I really enjoy transplanting not only because you get your hands dirty but also because you give the plant a place to have more room to grow. The key to transplanting is using lot of water.

We have a lot of plants that are flowering in the garden which was good for our pollinator lesson. There were plenty of bees as well!

Although we talked about the importance of bees the kids loved looking for rolly polly bugs under rocks. They loved tasting the edible squash flowers. When they lined up to leave we gave them each a collard green leaf to take home to show their parents. I can tell that the students really value the garden.

Over all it was a wonderful morning. Enjoy your weekend!

Julia Melton

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