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Monday, April 2, 2012

“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.” 

Moreso than most of my times in the garden, I was struck today by the overwhelmingly intricate ways in which all life is connected. With the lesson on pollination in mind, I couldn't help but feel awe at the fact that, if it weren't for the wind and certain unassuming creatures, the flowers that turn into fruit that turns into food in my belly would not continue growing. I stood in the garden this morning looking at bees not with the usual suspicion and caution, but with humility. My life riding on the wings of these black and yellow wonders.

This feeling didn't leave as I watered the garden. It was as though I could feel an empathetic thirst in my throat triggered by the sight of dry beds. It struck me again how beautifully interwoven the various cycles of life are. I thought to myself, what a miracle it is to be able to simply turn a key and feel a powerful surge of water in my hands..and how easy it is to take for granted. 

I generally find that my experience volunteering in the garden can go one of two ways: either I avoid fully being present and I feel a tinge of impatience to be finished. Or, when I am fully present, every simple, even menial task, carries profound power and significance. Every drop of water, speck of dirt, petal of a flower, crawling bug, and - best of all - vociferous child, waits with something to teach me. 

Despite the chaotic demands of school, family/friends, a job, etc, that typically fill up my head and hands, the mere 4 hours a week that I spend outside in this garden are slowly changing me. It is amazing how such relatively little gritty toil and interaction with kids can do so much to reveal what is truly important in this world. I can feel in my bones that there is something truly good and right to be found in the Edible Peace Patch.

Some photos from today...
A bee at work in our pollinator bed

These squash flowers taste like cheese!
We all watered the garden together today! (aren't they adorable?)

Reworking the gourd bed to plant watermelons!

All eager to try a piece of the flower. 

mmmmmm :)

Until next time,

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