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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Focus on Food

          This week is all about food in the garden. With our upcoming Harvest Festival on Thursday (parents and students be sure to come!), our lesson focuses on food production, growth, observance, and of course eating it. I started off early this morning by visiting Olivia and Kate during their shift to talk about preparations for the festival and beautifying the garden for all her visitors.

     As we went around the garden we noticed all the changes that had occurred and the variety we had grown this semester. The buzz in the garden seems to be stemmed from our very own pumpkin patch which should be ready by Thursday night! I'm thinking a raffle is in order... or some pumpkin pie...

one of 6 large pumpkins we have in the garden

       While my class and I observed the plants in the garden and discussed how they've grown and changed relating to out past lessons, we discussed last weeks lesson about seed saving and the vocabulary words adaptation and fortify. We went back to the seed bank and took a look at all the seeds that were saved last week and how they would grow and taste next semester.

Our very own seed bank :)
    A few weeks ago my classes and I had set up a drying station for herbs and seed pods in the shed. We now talked about what happens to the herbs when they are dried. How would they taste? How could they be used now that they were dry? Did they look more familiar now that they could be crushed up?

Globe Basil, Sweet Basil, Parsley, Mint, and some drying beet and radish
        I can't wait to make my collard greens for the festival! Here's a little preview of our awesome bounty of collards in the garden:

amazing bounty of collards
          Finally here are a couple of pics from this morning! We transplanted some strawberry plants and discovered a huge sunflower growing behind the compost pile!

Can't wait to see you all at the Harvest Festival this Thursday! It's been an amazing semester!

Erin Mattick
Gardens Manager

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