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Friday, November 18, 2011

Science is a great game. It is inspiring and refreshing. The playing field is the universe itself. Isidor Isaac Rabi

     Things are really coming along in the garden. The pole beans are reaching to top of their poles and starting to branch out to other areas. There is now an almost constant supply of bees and other insects buzzing all around. 

   The children are amazed by the flowers every week. (much to our amusement it is usually the same flowers each week.) But either way it is really great to see so many different colors coming to bloom in our garden. Everyone has been working so hard to far that every flower is like a small reward for our diligence. Working with the kids at lakewood though is reward enough. 

   Tomatoes! It is really cool that vegetables are starting to come in. Even though they are still green everyone including the kids are excited for them to start turning red. With there presence right at the entrance fully red tomatoes will be quiet a welcome when entering the garden.

    The three sisters bed is really coming into its own. The corn stalks are starting to make a presence and the gourds are taking some shape. Soon the corn will be taller then most of our students. Watching them grasp the concept that food grows right out of these plants is a real pleasure.

   Some of our vegetables are really coming along nicely. Some of the leaves are looking a little worn down by bugs and a few of the pineapples are looking a little dried out. However science is the real point to much of what we are doing and this has been such a great chance to teach these students. 

   We started on the math lessons this week and watching our kids count on their small fingers was very rewarding and entertaining. They were very good at math but even better at the coloring. Better then i am at least, with math... i'm pretty good at coloring if i do say so myself. 

    Everyone was looking very sleepy this friday morning. But we all gave thanks for what we each have in our lives and in the garden. I think we are all really dissappointed we won't be seeing each other over thanksgiving. 

    A surprise visit cheered us all up. And ironically it showed up during the week we were doing our butterfly lesson. Taking pleasure in small things is something this garden can really supply you with. 


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