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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy Butterflies

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. 
-Rabindranath Tagore

As we began working on the garden this morning, the sky was full of clouds, threatening the garden with rain. We worried that the weather would keep the class from joining us in the garden. However the rain held off and the kids were able visit for this week’s lesson on butterflies! Although the clouds were gray, the children’s shining faces and exuberance, as they ran towards us, made the day seem a little brighter.

We started the lesson with a poem that described the butterfly cycle. While the poem was read we had them act out the different stages, mimicking the round egg, the wiggling caterpillar, the wrapped up cocoon, and finally the fluttering butterfly. Doing the silly motions with the children has me laughing right along with them. 

Using the white board, we than had them come color in certain areas of the butterfly based off math problems. Each color had its own number. It was difficult to get the students to try and figure out the math, while they were so excited to color! They all yelled out as many numbers as they could so they could be the first one with the correct answer and then chosen to color in the butterfly. It took some persuasion to get things in order.

With the children so riled up and full of excitement, we thought we would try a more active game with them. We had them play “Rock paper scissors”. The winner would get to metamorphosis in to the next stage of the butterfly cycle. They would play until they became butterflies. This was also very exciting and fun to play with them! By now, it was time for the kids to go. As the children said goodbye, we prepared to get some mulch for the garden.

In the end this cloudy day turned out to be quite lovely!
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