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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Bug’s Eye View

What could be more exciting than lots of creepy crawlies, crayons and magnifying glasses? To the kindergarten class this morning, the answer was absolutely nothing. The class was practically jumping to get a look at the bugs we had collected for them.

I used to love to collect bugs and look at their jointed, funny looking legs and have them crawl over mountains made by my hands or knee. When I was in elementary school catching bugs was an exciting pastime. However, upon arriving at the garden, catching bugs seemed slightly scary. Perhaps it is because I am now fully aware that some bugs bite or sting or are just plain scary. Mustering up some courage (and remembering that I am a 21 year old college student and many times the size of an insect), I grabbed a collecting jar and went about catching insects. Before long I was enjoying myself and the tiny creatures once again captured my imagination.

The kids were excited from the very start to see some bugs. As we went over the parts of a bug and counted how many legs they have the kids would yell in unison “1...2...3...4…5…6!” After passing out the bugs I had collected, most of the class wanted to catch some themselves. They all crowded around the different jars and looked at the bugs through magnifying glasses and continually counted the legs, commented on the colors and were generally captivated by the insect. Before long, the kids were drawing the bugs they had seen.

At the end of the session the kids said goodbye to their new bug friends and slowly got in line to go back to class – all the while pointing at the butterflies and bees that constantly circled around our group.

I’d say it was a wonderful morning.


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