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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ta Ta For Now.

Today was our final Wednesday class and my last lesson at the garden today. Walking out into the garden today I stopped to admire all the hard work this year. The tomatoes are almost ripe for harvesting, we have already harvested some eggplant and green peppers, the beets look ready for eating, and the black eyed peas are nearly poking their heads out. It was a great site.
The first class came out a little apprehensive because of the cold, but when we started talking about their favorite parts of the garden the fire behind their eyes lit up. I could not get Jevare to stop talking about watermelon or butterflies. He proceeded to tell me the stages and then started drawing them for me. Destiny wanted to make sure that all of her favorite vegetables were included in her picture, while Miles drew the stages of a plant. Each student had
pulled different subjects we had covered throughout the semester. They were all extremely eager to explain them to us as well. Words that were a struggle for some on their first days at the garden now seemed easier for them to recall. Most of the students know how to make a compost and why it is great for the environment. Almost all of the students can tell me each stage of a butterfly without a struggle. It was pretty awesome.
When the class left we exchanged hugs and good luck for the upcoming exams we all were anticipating. I can't help but feel overwhelming appreciation for this experience. I really look forward to seeing every single student next year.

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