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Friday, December 3, 2010


It's cold! And being a native New Yorker does not give you any tougher skin than the Floridians. Even with the cold, there is nothing to fear for our plants right now. I had several teachers asking if the cold was harming them, but as long as we stay above freezing temperatures, our little guys should thrive. Should the time come that the cold is unbearable, I've been stocking up on cotton sheets from Salvation Army to cover up the green guys at a moments notice.

Despite the cold wind, the sun made it all much more bearable. Due to my right-hand-woman being sick today, I took on the garden and the students by myself. The kids were really well behaved and right on board with me. We followed through with our water cycle lesson and also had time to do part of the butterfly lesson because our Friday classes had missed that lesson. They were all smiles today, eager to tell me all about their Thanksgiving feasts as well. We discussed what they ate with their families that can come from the garden and I loved to hear that sweet potatoes, green beans, and squash were some of their favorite foods!

Today I was able to continue mulching throughout the garden (I swear that will never end), weed, clean up the shed, and organize some things. A few weeks ago I had some pre-schoolers venture out into the garden to plant some squash and pumpkin seedlings. Today they came back to check-up on their "babies" and they are doing great!

I love walking into the school and having some of my students wave at me, or say hi, or even ask "whats up in the garden today?". The intrigue and excitement on their faces makes it so worth it. They love to learn and I love to teach!

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