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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some housekeeping...

Since the lesson was written about in depth on Monday, I'd like to take a minute and talk about two "housekeeping" things. First off, the harvest festival. Last year I was on the committee that planned the harvest festival, and boy oh boy, it's much easier splitting up the work between four people. Yet, if we get a good RSVP from the Lakewood parents, I'll be extremely excited to be able to pull something like this together. Last year was so much fun, and ifwe can't do something for the parents and kids, I at least want to do something for the kids in the garden. So, at this point, with enough RSVPs we'll be working in conjunction with the campus garden to bring a wonderful harvest festival. There will be dishes from each of the Eckerd students, along with a main course. Hopefully the campus garden pulls through and we have a successful harvest festival. An added benefit of having the harvest festival on campus is to give the Lakewood students an idea of what college is. Hopefully, working closely with them over this semester and in the past, they will want to go to college, want to seek out higher education. I'd be interested to see if any studies have been conducted to see if there is a correlation.

Secondly, the grubs are back. Think about the Lion King, and what Timon and Pumba eat: nice, fat, juicy, grubs. The first time I saw a grub, I immediately knew what it was, just because it looked like something Timon and Pumba would eat. I've done sporadic research on them, and it seems they like to inhabit areas were sedge is growing. Now the battle against sedge is always upon us in the garden, so I've been looking into some alternative treatments. It seems our best bet is to buy nematodes. Yet, after researching nematodes, I've come to learn there are good nematodes and bad nematodes for a garden. The good ones will attack the bugs, but the bad ones will attack the plants (exactly what the grubs are doing, so that would be double duty)! More research will be done, and I will get to the bottom of the proverbial nematode barrel. Until next time.

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