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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Rain Game

Today was arguably the coldest day of the semester thus far. At a crisp 55 degrees, we continued the water cycle game today: the kids all gathered together close to represent water molecules in the ocean. One of us represented the sun and stood about 30 feet from the group while the rest of us came by and tapped the kids (the water droplets) on the head signaling them to run to the sun (evaporation). Once the kids have gathered in the sky as clouds (condensation) we tap them on the head again and they run back towards "the ocean" symbolizing rain (precipitation). We tried our best to teach the kids the pronunciation of the words evaporation, condensation, and precipitation- it was really cute listening to them try and sound out each syllable.

We spend the rest of the lesson going through the garden showing them the growing plants. They were very knowledgeable about which vegetables grow above ground and which grow below ground and which bugs were best for the health of garden. Their minds are like little sponges, they enjoy absorbing as much information as possible.

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