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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday September 27th

Today was another work day. It was a gorgeous day out and the morning started with the sun shinning. Katie, Alyssa and myself all meet over at lakewood around 830am. We checked the log book to see what had been done on the last shift and what they thought should be done next. We started by pulling weeds around the beds again. We laid cardboard and mulch along the paths that were finished. The three of us made quite a bit of progress today. Katie pulled up the compass rock at the front of the garden and weeded around it and relaid it with mulch around it. You can now see which direction is North and South. We also harvested the sweet potatoes in the last left garden. We saved the smaller ones to replant later on. Today was a great day and we are on the short road to planting soon!

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  1. Great photos, whoever shot this should keep shooting. And bigger pics make a happier blog!