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Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Strong!

Today was a day of great progress, determination, sweat, and dirty hands, but the garden is certainly coming together! We cleaned out the shed, got ourselves organized, and took inventory of what we have in stock. Seperating all of the tools, going through last years crates, and cleaning up the shelves was a tedious task, but well worth it. Having a clean shed will enable us to grab what we need when we need it.

We next moved on to tackle the grass and weeds that seem to have invaded our patch this summer. Using steel rakes, bare hands, and a wheelbarrow the team cleared the main drag of the garden, laid down cardboard, and mulched nearly half of the garden. We then took all of our weeds and trimmings and piled them up into our compost mound.

Walking through the school hallway on our way to the water fountain for a quick, but much needed, break from the sun, it was amusing to hear the students point out how we were covered head to foot in dirt. I know all of us can not wait to see what the garden has instore for everyone. Our final touch today was replanting our lovely pineapple plants that seemed to have turned over on us.

Although all of this prep work seems like a heavy load, it will all be worth it when the children see what we have to teach them and we can see what they too have to teach us!

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