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Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Monday of the Year

Today was a marvelous day! Dragonflies were busy gathering nutrients and helping the garden bloom under the sun's shining rays. Unfortunately, it was the last day for mondays kindergarden and second graders class. The second graders ran through the open field screaming and laughing as they played the game pollinator. Likewise, the kindergarden class chased each other around in a game of cucumber, tomato, which is essentially duck duck goose. In both classes, we discussed what we learned over the school year and what was some of the kids favorite things were about the garden. It is apparent that the some of the kids favorite parts were pineapples, aloe, playing games, tasting the vegetables, watering the plants and planting the seeds. Also many of the kids stated that they learned it takes water, sunlight, bugs, and soil to create a garden. They really seemed to have enjoyed this experience and have gained a lot of knowledge regarding how to grow a successful garden. One kid even stated that it feels good to be in touch with the earth and give back to it, which was really cool to hear from young generations. All and all, the volunteers and the children had an amazing semester together. The best part was being able to plant a single seed with the kids and watch it grow over time into a beautiful plant. The spirits of the kids made the garden grow extra strong and it will be a privilege to enjoy the wonderful food that we grew at Thursdays Harvest Festival!!

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