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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brilliant Wednesday morning in the garden, cannot believe the end of the year is coming so quickly. I have so looked forward to these quiet mid week mornings, where this beautiful growing space has provided a perfect platform for easy conversation and playing in the dirt.

Alex and I spent the morning weeding and watering and trying to combat the strange fungus that has overtaken the zuchinni leaves. We applied a diluted milk solution to the leaves, as suggested by Dylan, so hopefully we should see an improvement

We had some unexpected visitors from the 4th grade classes towards the end of our shift, who were sent to observe and interpret their findings through writing and drawing. It made my day to be surrounded by these young ones, so full of questions and excitement!

It seems things are coming together for the Harvest Fest tomorrow, grocery shopping has been done and the zucchini bread is going in the oven!

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