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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Almost Time to Harvest!

The Harvest Festival is a little over a week away, and things are starting to come together! Everything is growing in the garden, and we have a rough schedule for the harvest festival. I'm really excited to try all the different dishes the Eckerd students are bringing out!
Today, we showed our Kindergarten class around since its been a couple of weeks since they could come out. Then they drew their favorite parts of the garden to be hung up at the harvest festival.

With our second graders, we played the garden version of steal the bacon with different vegetables we found in the garden. I really like this game since it not only requires some speed, but some thought since the kids have to recognize which vegetable was called out.
I went to the media center today to look for some books to read to the kids, since reading a story was part of our original plan. I'm not sure why we haven't gone up there before, there were SO many books that we could use for ALL the classes in the garden. Hopefully, we'll make more use of the media center next year!
Well until next time!