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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home stretch on the garden harvests!

Today in the garden we witnessed a tremendous feat! With our second grade class we harvested some of the beans that have grown tremendously fast over the last few weeks. The numbers kept piling up and at the count we almost picked a hundred beans!!! If today was not already successful enough, we played a final match of the Bee game. The bee game, originally organized by fellow edible schoolyarders is a garden favorite. Along with tomato tomato cucumber, this game provides an educational background while providing an outlet to the extremely high amounts of energy our students have. The bee game consists of fast, witty and smart bees whose goal once let out to run chase after the mighty flowers who try to outlast and outsmart these bees in order to make it from their home base across the PE field. Pollination is key in our garden and it is easily understood through a fun activity.
Besides having a great last day with our students, a ton of weeding was accomplished to pull the sedge out of the mulch. Keeping the sedge out of the mulch will only add to the natural beauty of the garden for Thursday's Harvest Festival!

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