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Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Afternoon

This afternoon Camilo, Mary Kate and myself worked the last shift in the Lakewood garden. Once again we did not have any students. We all hope that next week we will have students to teach because they make all the tough work and long hours planning the lessons worth it. As we did last week we watered all of the beds and focused on water the pineapples much more than the others. After watering we removed some sedge weed from a few of the beds because it had gotten a little out of control. At the end of the shift, I continued watering the pineapples while Mary Kate and Camilo planted beets. Though we did not teach the Lakewood students today, we taught each other a little bit about politics while we engaged in vigorous conversation about the upcoming election. Our conversation revolved around the reasoning as to why we volunteer in the garden- because we all care about the future. We discussed that voting for the future is the most important thing for us and the best way to ensure a plentiful future for ourselves is to educate the students who will soon one day become the future. We concluded that the best way to ensure a great future for all is to educate everyone everywhere. With an education anyone can do anything.

Peace and carrots,


Camilo watering the sunflowers

Mary Kate planting beets

Growing beets! 

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  1. Good work guys!! Keep it up, its all worth it for the little ones...even if you dont get to meet them.