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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Little Slice of Heaven

On Thursdays David, Corday and I don't have any kids to teach, but we still very much enjoy our time at the garden. I know for me, its that little slice of heaven in between classes and studying. This past summer I worked on an organic farm in Maine where we spent 40-50 hours a week taking care of the farm. Some days I found it absolutely exhausting.

But here at the peace patch I find it to be a creative outlet, that I sometimes don't get while I'm busy memorizing facts and statistics. On days when I do have kids, being able to share my knowledge of growing food with them is beyond words. I love how enthused they are to learn from my peers and I. I love the questions they ask (even ones like "can we grow dinosaurs?") While I'm teaching them about gardening, they are teaching me to be humble, to laugh, to play games. It's so inspiring to spend time with young students, knowing that they are taking in what I am teaching them, and are applying it to their lives, and hopefully the things we learn together will stay with them throughout the years, because I know it will stay with me.


PS. We have lots of vegetables that are almost ripe at Lakewood, so I took some pictures to share with you!


 Green Pepper

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