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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I know that you'll feel better, when you send us in your letter, an' tell us your favorite vege table"-The Beach Boys

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

  Well, we all started off a bit sluggish this early morning, but once we started to get our hands dirty our morale quickly picked up. Tristram welcomed the garden by giving the compost a few turns with the ol' pitchfork while Sam and Becca were quick to start liberating our mulch of wee, little grass-heads poking through. Due to the recent lack of rain I decided to give our garden a refreshing and much needed shower. The sweet potato bed has nearly disappeared under the lush layer of its large leaves. Our lone tomato seems to finally have some strong followers, and it wont be long before a few more seedlings join them. The soldier-like army of radishes is truly an impressive site, and is quickly becoming one of the most successful crops! A couple heads of corn are showing a promising start for our future, Native American-style, three sisters bed and the pole beans a few beds down are starting to wrap their vines around the trelis. Our pineapple forest is growing by the day. Although not all have fully established themselves in the soil, the ones that have give us great hope for future fruit salads galore! The once empty watermelon patch is now adorned with three bountiful mounds of seedlings. Around 9:30, Mr, B and his smiling kindergarten class greeted us in the garden. Once the kids circled round we introduced ourselves and informed them of our favorite color and vegetable. When asked what the garden rules were, all hands flew up. Almost everyone of them new a rule or thought of a new one that should be added. We split off into groups of four and had the kids play an identification game with some of the common garden knowledge. I was truly impressed with how knowledgeable these little youngsters were, some of them even knowing what a decomposer is! After the game we led the class through a garden tour and answered the many questions they had. From bugs, to flowers, to fruits, the kids wanted to know everything and couldn't wait to start planting. One of the little girls even told me she couldn't wait to take a watermelon to her grandmother's house. Mr. B wrangled up his curious bunch and headed back for the classroom a little after 10:00. As they walked away a small ocean of waving arms left with them, and a few lucky ones took some treats to show their families. All in all it was truly an amazing morning, and I know I can speak for all of us in saying that it will be the best part of the week. Till next time, Nico.

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