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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Peace Patch

As I leaned over the carrots and comparing them to last week’s size, I am suddenly blinded by two small hands covering my face as I am holding a running hose. Apparently I am a jungle gym to be climbed all over and treated as an observation deck for the class of students. The group of children that visited the garden today was only able to stay for a few minutes as they passed through to their next class. However, in these few minutes I was amazed by the amount of knowledge and interest that these students showed in the garden. I showed the students the importance on of delicacy needed when watering seedlings. After a quick watering Chelsea and I gave the grand tour of the garden followed by a tasting of several herbs and vegetables.
It’s the enthusiasm of the kids when they enter the garden that keeps the edible peace patch running. A perfect combination of laughter, curiosity, and innocence that keep the kids coming back every morning filled with energy. After about two months of maintaining the garden this year, almost every bed has at least sprouts popping out, the pineapple forest is expanding greatly, and the kids are learning more and more each day. I will look forward to returning to the patch this Friday, hopefully with enough energy to keep up with the kids.

-Brad Samuels

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