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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Look how far we've come

It was a wet and rainy morning in the garden. Our early morning meeting had been canceled but since everyone was there we decided to go over next weeks lesson plan.

While waiting for our kids to arrive we planted more pineapples in the pineapple forest and weeded the relentless sedge that seems to pop up everywhere. At 9:30 our class showed up bursting with excitement.
 As they came closer they were already waving to us, I could tell they were excited to be in the garden even on this rainy day. When we asked them how their bean plants where doing they all raised their hands eager to talk about their plants. After recapping last weeks lesson we started our lesson on recycling. First we taught them the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. After that we had the students put different recyclable materials in the appropriate bins. In a circle we talked about ways that they could reuse materials and recycle. They all came up with some pretty good ideas.

After our lesson on recycling we took them for a walk through the garden. One of the students saw a lady bug on an okra plant and the rest of the kids gathered around intrigued and excited by their lucky find. I could tell by their smiles and questions that they loved the garden and it has been definitely a great learning tool for them. Of course one of the most exciting things for the kids is when we let them eat something from the garden. We let all the kids try some arugula a salad green with a peppery flavor. The kids did not like it very much but their faces when the tasted it was priceless. This did not deter them from tasting anything else and they eagerly tried anything we gave them.

Its amazing how far the kids and the garden have come in just the last few weeks.  If one of the kindergarteners was asked what plants needed to grow they would be able to rattle it off in seconds. Just a couple of weeks ago they would have had no idea.

- Alina

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