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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The seeds that we all planted a few weeks ago are coming along very nicely! The recent rain is making them so happy :)
Little cucumber seedlings above.

Here are corn seedlings in the Three Sisters bed, soon to have other seeds planted!

Today we had the great opportunity to have some Lakewood High School students come out to interview and film us in the garden with the kids. 

The lesson plan today was about the parts of a plant. Hank, Avery, Wes, and I had a big group of kindergartners and they were really excited to learn, especially about flowers and fruits.
Avery teaching about the roots of a plant.

The kids were very intrigued about the baby pineapples growing on the plants!

I think the papayas were the favorite of the boys :)

Can't wait to see the progress next week!


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