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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Today has been a rather gloomy day in St.Petersburg. There have been consistently grey skies with rain on and off all morning and afternoon. Luckily we were able to get out for our 1-3 shift this afternoon to continue to beautify the garden and check up on all the plants! The plants received a well deserved rainfall, meaning we did not need to water. I could immediately notice a difference from last week in the plants size. From the squash to the radishes, everything has grown a considerable amount.

Baby Radish!
It is really phenomenal that the different fruits and veggies are doing so well. I am personally excited for the students to come out to the garden and also notice a difference and begin to conceptualize what these once small seeds are turning into. Aside from the squash and radishes, the baby pineapple and green beans are growing too!
Baby Pineapple
Green Beans
Even though it was quite ominous out today and no students came out we still had a successful afternoon of weeding and thinning the plants. Like previously stated, I am beyond anxious to see what the kids say when the come out and then in a couple weeks begin to harvest the plants!

Gracie Van Huffel

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