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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It was a beautiful in the garden today! There were no classes in the garden this afternoon so we dedicated the entire time to cleaning up and making sure everything was picturesque. Taylor, Emily, and i weeded and watered the entire garden, including the newly planted squash plants in the Three Sisters bed!
Three Sisters bed
We also cleaned up the compost pile which was cluttered with harmful plastic pieces and scraps. It is important to keep the compost clean so it continues to generate healthy, nutritious soil for our old and new plants.
The Compost Pile

While raking and clearing the compost we could not help but notice all of the beautiful Monarch butterflies and bumblebee's pollinating a variety of our flowers, such as the pristine Black-Eye Susan's.
Black-Eyed Susan's
Many things are starting to bloom quite rapidly in the garden, such as Collard Greens. Many of the kids love having one of us teachers pull a piece off and letting them try some!
Collard Greens
Aside from the Collard's our Papaya tree is growing so fast! All of the kids that come out are so excited to finally crack out one of these large fruits.
Yet again another eventful and successful day in the garden!

Gracie Van Huffel

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