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Monday, February 25, 2013

Let it grow!

Today was a calm, humid and sunless day at the Lakewood Garden.  Sadly, our Kindergarten class that was scheduled for today did not make it, but we still found things to do.  First, we watered all the beds and did some weeding while snacking on some green beans.  
Colby and I watering

Breege had the idea that we should plant some sunflowers in the empty beds and with Robin’s approval we began to plant them. As exciting as it is to see a plant when it reaches maximum growth, placing the seed in the soil is just as arousing.  After seeing the sunflowers at Sanderline, I am enthusiastic to watch those grow just as big!

Breege planting a sunflower seed

We were all very excited to see the start of a pineapple.  With my class last week the kids kept asking if they could pull  the crown out to get the pineapple.  I explained that that is not where the pineapple is and that it will come out of the center.  They did not get it and kept asking.  It was cute but now they will be able to watch how pineapples actually grow!

Pineapple on the way!

I was at Lakewood last Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to see how much everything had grown in just those 4 short days.  That is the great thing about gardening. Seeing something go from a minuscule seed to a green sprout and eventually a full-grown vegetable/fruit bearing plant is truly intoxicating.  Witnessing the whole process it truly humbling and the reward is worth the wait.  Similarly to those who workout and want results the next day, gardening is the same way.  Things take time to develop and like most things in life patience is essential. Secondary to teaching children, I am looking forward to watching the garden grow. 

The lovely garden

You can’t reap what you don’t sow
Plant a seed inside the earth
Just one way to know it’s worth
Let’s celebrate the world’s rebirth
We say let it grow
~"Let it grow" from The Lorax (2012)

By Katy

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