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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Fresh Start

Welcome to our garden! Lakewood Elementary Spring 2013

Today was the first day of teaching lessons at Lakewood Elementary for the spring semester and excitement was in the air.   The excitement was shared between student and mentor as everyone came together and exchanged happy hellos.  We had three different classes of all different ages visit the garden today.  The kids lined up on the sidewalk as we counted them off by threes.  As soon as we divided into smaller groups,  the fun began.  Many of the children had visited the garden the fall before and were eager to be back.  Simple conversations turned into giggles as we talked about garden related subjects.  We all exchanged our opinions on favorite vegetables and fruits.  I was amazed to see how many of the kids actually enjoyed vegetables.  When I thought back to when I was a kid I never remembered feeling that way.  Perhaps the fact that these kids see their vegetables growing here makes them more interested in eating them.  Regardless,  it made me smile that these children loved their greens!  Next, the kids ate some fresh green beans from the garden that we picked for them.  Eating these little beans got them the most thrilled.  Walking around the garden we gently felt the different leaves and squatted to see the new seeds that had been planted.  Twenty-five minute visits with the kids felt like no time at all.

Andy gets a big hug from a student
Our garden beds for this spring

In between classes we watered the herb garden and planted a fresh dill plant.  We also planted corn in the Three Sisters garden.  How much life is already appearing in the garden is amazing.  To see it flourish before my eyes in this short amount of time makes me look forward to the semester.  I believe many lessons are ready to be learned these next few months! I am pumped to get to know these kids and learn some lessons from them as well.

Little beans beginning to sprout

Beautiful freshly planted corn! 


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