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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

critter hunting

Today was a very entertaining experience of searching for critters in the garden. We excitedly awaited the kids, ready to catch some bugs. When the children first came out we sadly informed them of the vandalism which has taken place in the garden over the weekend. Although the children were sad, they were still thrilled to see the other plants. We passed out rulers and helped the kids measure the height of their plants.
We then gathered around the compost pile with shovels to collect some bugs. At first the class was not impressed with the rank smell emitting from the compost pile. As soon as a couple bugs were found the smell no longer seemed to matter to any of us. David, being the bug expert, explained to us all the different functions of the bugs found in the garden.
After the classes we watered, weeded and organized the shed. Although the damage done to the garden has saddened us all, we have bounced back and the garden is beginning to look great again.

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