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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caterpillars and Butterflies!

Today in the garden our classes were extremely excited for this week's lesson. Keeping with the last few lesson plans discussing the importance of critters and bugs in the garden we examined the life cycle of a butterfly. The process known as Metamorphosis was our key concept of the week. The first stage of the life cycle is known as the egg stage. Next the caterpillar, crysallis and then finally the butterfly stage. By incorporating rock, paper, scissor in the lesson plan each student paired off with another and they started out as eggs. By playing rounds of rock, paper, scissor the students slowly evolved from egg to butterfly. The slow progression represented the lengthy growth process of the life cycle in a fun and interesting way. As the student soon mastered the game we spent the rest of the time together playing a game of butterfly tag and then observing the garden and all of the critters in our compost! There is also a crysallis hanging off our crape myrtle that really adds to the visual aid in teaching about Metamorphosis. This is one of the best lesson plans to date and the most fun. It was a successful lesson that our students took home with them in knowledge and a new fun game.

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