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Friday, October 18, 2013

A Fruitful Day in the Garden!

This morning at Lakewood Amy Mautz and I did some maintenance work in the garden. The squash beds have been growing vigorously these past few weeks. They are doing so well in fact that they have covered several areas of the walkway. It had grown over the small crape myrtle, the tomatoes in the beds, the eggplant, and was going for the papaya tree! I have never seen such copious squash.

 Amy and I decided to cut back some of the squash in order to save our crops and reclaim our walkway. As Amy aptly put it "We showed the squash who's boss." We also transplanted a tomato plant in one of the squash beds into the bed with the other tomato. I think it's chances will be better there.

We also cleared some of the squash around the eggplant. From the parts of the squash plant that we cut back we were able to collect many baby squash.
They are currently in the garden shed. I think the kids at lakewood would love them! Today was successful day! The garden is looking great.

-Lilian Gonzalez

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