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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sneaky Bugs and a Tasty Herb Garden

Today was a beautifully sunny work day in the Patch! After a week of relaxation during spring break, we regrouped at the garden with batteries recharged to run through the second half of the semester. Elena and I first tackled the shed. After precariously reorganizing pitchforks and rusty shovels (perhaps flip flops were not the best choice for footwear), disposing of the rubbish, and giving it a good sweep, we moved into the garden for maintenance. In the first bed, I was startled to see a whole host of leaf-footed bugs (adults and nymphs) sucking out the precious juices from our last few tomatoes.
We spent the remainder of our shift weeding and watering. There are no classes this week because Lakewood is on spring break now, but there was a whole playground of squealing kids. A few curious ones wandered over to check us out as we fiddled with the water key and pulled the hose along. They haven't been in the garden before, but they didn't hesitate to ask if we had strawberries and fruit (this is a common pattern of interest... hint, hint next year's gardeners!).

The sunflowers and gourds look healthy and are growing very quickly, while the cauliflowers and lettuces are past their prime. Carrots and radishes are coming along nicely, and the wildflowers in the back are buzzing with pollinators. The herbs look, smell, and taste great, too! Elena and I nibbled on some basil, peppermint, and citrus mint, reminiscing of iced tea and Italian fine dining as our Tuesday morning in the garden came to a close.

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