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Friday, December 9, 2011


      Its been a great season so far for everyone. We are all going to miss being at the garden but i think we are all excited to have some time away from school for christmas. I hope the garden holds up well by itself, because there won't be many people there between now and early january. So many of the things we have grown are really coming along. The tomatoes are starting to show small signs of turning red. All of the students were very excited to find green tomatoes. 

       After class we spent a lot of time trying to clean up around the shed. It was quiet and adventure getting our broken wheelbarrow full of trash. We then had to wheel it all the way through the school, through the cafeteria and out back to the dumpster. After three loads the janitors started giving us dirty looks! However after our efforts the shed looks really good. All of the junk lying around is gone. So with that we end our year with a great looking garden and a great looking shed!

Merry Christmas Everybody!


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