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Friday, August 19, 2011

The first week back

It has been about three months since I’ve been to the peace patch and I’ve missed it. The first thing, or things, that I saw were the weeds. It looked like an over grown meadow to the point where I couldn’t even find the beds!

So I spent the first two days weeding all the beds and managed to fill two of the compost piles up to the top of the fence. I was definitely surprised at the amount of time that it took me to find the bottom of each bed. I also managed to get myself sun burnt during the first few hours of work. During the first day I was lucky enough to find about a dozen sweet potatoes to harvest and another dozen that will be replanted when the bed is ready. I made some delicious sweet potato fries for my roommates as soon as I made it home. 

I spent most of Wednesday picking up mulch from the local recycling center and piling it up at the edge of the garden. It seems like I picked up a lot of mulch, but I’m sure I’ll be making a few more trips before the end of the month to make our garden look great.

Thursday was my favorite day because the garden finally looked more like the peace patch. I mowed all of the grass that had crept up over the summer so all of the beds could be seen. I also pulled up all of the weeds from our three sister’s plot (squash, beans, & corn). This was a task that took about three times as long as I first expected, but now looks great. Friday I prepared the beds by raking up all of the roots that did not get pulled out the first couple of days. Now all that the beds need is a little bit of horse manure and they will be ready for seeds!

Next week I have to weed the pineapple area, which has about five that made it and start planting seeds!
 Peace from the peace patch,



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  2. Keep on weeding :) - those sweet potato fries sound delicious! I'm stoked some of the pineapples made it! Good work!

    It's going to be weird not being around the garden with you guys and the kiddos! Best of luck this year! All my love. - Jamie P