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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunshine and Rain

We are getting a big dose of exactly what we needed in the garden over our three day weekend. With a steady, soaking rain and a warm and sunny afternoon, the Peace Patch is starting to sprout our little seedling friends all over the place. We've got little green cucumbers starting and our sunflowers are beginning to wiggle their way through the soil as well! It feels extremely rewarding to know that our hard work is going to turn out such a plentiful garden.

This past week we have continued with our many jobs and have mulched almost the entire garden over which means we just need to go over the old mulch to freshen it up a bit and we are done! Today in the garden we planted every last seed we have. The beds will soon be overflowing with broccoli, herbs, tomatoes, sweet peas, and carrots as well as several types of wildflowers. The part I am most excited about it our soon to be native plant stretch along the side of the garden. Thanks to our friend Michael at Twigs and Leaves, we will have about 65 feet of Florida native plants making a nice fence line to the left side of the garden. It will include all sorts of hardy Florida plants that all have edible components such as the Simpson Stopper whose fleshy fruit tastes like guava and the Jamaican Caper with its bright red pea pod. The goal in picking these plants was not only to make sure they were Florida natives, but that they appealed to several of the senses. Not only are the plants edible, but they are fragrant and brightly colored, most with flowers and berry-like fruits. Plants like these not only attract birds, pollinators, and other good critters for the garden, but also are exciting for the Lakewood Students! The plants come in Friday so by next week we will have a pretty diverse stretch of additions to the garden.

Outside of the garden there is still much to be done as well. At the moment we are all working on collecting photos to create a display board to draw more volunteers in. We are hoping to have a full schedule of classes for the entire semester so we are keeping our fingers crossed that more people wonder our way!

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